Rigid Suitcases


NUEVO MODELO Tokio Talla Pequeña

€81.99 €45.99

Cordoba Small Suitcase

€80.00 €39.99

4-wheeled spinner suitcase Verona Small Size

€75.00 €49.99

Soundbox by American Tourister Spinner Small Size

€139.00 €69.50

Little Philadelphia Suitcase

€70.00 €45.00

Baltimore Small Suitcase

€70.00 €45.00

Lima Medium Suitcase Spinner Polypropylene with TSA

€99.99 €49.99

Munich Polypropylene Cabin

€91.00 €54.99

Large Suitcase Georgia Extensible

€100.00 €59.99

Philadelphia Medium Suitcase

€99.99 €64.98

Suitcase American Tourister Modern Dream Cabin

€125.00 €75.00

Travel case spinner 4 wheels Bern medium size

€96.50 €38.60

Izmir Small Suitcase

€75.00 €44.99


The best rigid suitcase on the market, in Greenwich. We offer you rigid bags of Samsonite, cheap and made with materials such as ABS, so that they adapt to your needs and do not suffer damage to your travels. Your luggage will be fully protected with our rigid bags so you only have to worry about enjoying your trip.

Strength, design and quality in suitcases of different sizes We have the best materials and brands on the market, such as Samsonite, Roncato or American Tourister and, in addition, we have rigid suitcases available in more than 20 colors and designs for you to enjoy travel with style, safety and comfort. Interesting to access our offers as we have suitcases for all pockets, for children, young and old. The best rigid suitcases for your travels, we have them. If you don't trust the deal you're going to get on the plane or on the bus, check out our offers and don't run out of one of them.

In addition, this type of suitcases are perfect for the little ones of the house, for which there are also endless children's designs available at very affordable prices. Even if you travel as a family, our sets of suitcases to go together or if you travel alone and are low cost trips do not miss the Rigid Cabin Bags.

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