Children's Suitcases


Koala Kody Samsonite Suitcase

€95.00 €61.75

Koala Kody Bag+ Samsonite Pack

€140.00 €84.00

Captain America Cabin Suitcase from American Tourister

€125.00 €75.00

Minnie Kiss Medium Suitcase from American Tourister

€129.00 €77.40

Travel case spinner 4 wheels Zurich Small Size

€119.98 €59.99

Medium Suitcase Minnie Dots- American Tourister

€129.00 €90.30

Mickey London 4-wheel spinner travel bag

€115.00 €63.25


If you are travelling with your children, grandchildren or nephews, or simply want to give them a suitcase or backpack, in Greenwich we have a wide range of children's suitcases. If the little ones in the house are fans of Ninja Turtles, Nemo, Mickey or Frozen, we have the perfect suitcase for them.

Trolley and Sliding Bags for Kids

In addition to the most suitable for them, like our Trolley that with its four wheels allow them to carry them comfortably without the help of an adult. Or the brokers, for the little ones with which we can even transport them to them when they are very tired.

Perfect to take in the cabin when traveling as a plane

Small ones are approved as cabin bags as their size meets company standards. If you want the perfect complement to your luggage, you can also find beautiful children's necessities in our online store.

In addition, we have children's suitcases available in a variety of colors, designs and prices. They stand out, too, for their reliability. If you're worried about the amount of blows you can get, we have the stiffest child bags on the market. What's better for the little ones in the house than to wear their clothes inside Dora the Explorer or the Dog Patrol?

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