Communion Gifts


Little Maracaibo + Neceser suitcase set

€99.99 €59.99

Captain America Cabin Suitcase from American Tourister

€115.00 €69.00

Smile spinner 4 Wheel + Neceser Suitcase Set

€159.99 €69.99

Small Zurich spinner 4-wheeled bag set + Neceser

€99.99 €69.99

Travel case spinner 4 wheels Zurich Small Size

€85.99 €49.99

Set of two suitcases Loves + Neceser

€250.00 €99.99

Vienna Small Size 4-Wheel Spinner Travel Bag

€85.99 €49.99


Every year, as the month of May approaches, family, friends and acquaintances of children between the age of 9 and 11 face the same dilemma, what to give away in a communion?

In Greenwich we have the solution, because, by these dates, who else has doubts about this issue and we are ready to help you. Plenty to see are the typical gifts such as shoes, consoles, video games, watches or even communion costumes or dresses, but why not give away a backpack or suitcase that accompanies you on that possible journey that you will have already been given?

We work with the best materials to make quality the hallmark of our products and, of course, we have a wide variety of designs and formats of each product to adapt to the needs of the customer. In addition, for children of child age, we have suitcases of their favorite superheroes or characters to accompany them on each trip or excursion and feel protected.

If they feel older and have a small world of dreams and superheroes, we also have juvenile suitcases and backpacks with a modern, attractive and eye-catching style to show off as a gift in every corner they visit.

We can also help if your children make communion and as a parent you are forced to give your guests in some detail. Pens, cigars, photos... why not get out of normal? In Greenwich we have accessories of all kinds such as padlocks, document storage covers or labels for your fully customizable backpacks, so that they never forget communion and can carry them whenever they go on a trip.

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