Quiksilver is a brand that started in the board sports market, specifically with surfing and snowboarding. It manufactured both sportswear adapted to these disciplines and the boards themselves that were needed, quickly achieving a high market share and loyal customers by checking the reliability of their products. In search of his business expansion, Quiksilver opted for skateboarding, and following his line began to produce and market comfortable clothing for skating and skateboarding of all disciplines. To achieve this he had to have famous figures in the world of skating such as Tony Hawk, who sold Quiksilver his small company of skating products.

The logo of this company seeks to symbolize a wave and a mountain, the two elements of nature that refer to surfing and snowboarding. As for Roxy, her exclusively feminine brand, it's the same image only as slightly rotated and mirrored to create the appearance of a heart.

Fashionable Quiksilver

After becoming the leading brand in the board sports market, the company expands to the sale of non-sports clothing, creating an extensive fashion line for men. A range of products such as pants, T-shirts, jackets, shoes, backpacks, caps, etc. But its strong point is men's swimsuits, characteristic for their fabric, different designs than usual, strength and quality. For women they launched an independent women's line under the name Roxy.

Brand features

Quiksilver manufactures and markets, in large part, specialized and sports-focused products. For this reason, he focuses his efforts on finding new designs that are increasingly functional and resistant. It uses high quality materials and standardized production processes that provide the final product with a perfect finish for regular use and at maximum performance.

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