Roxy was born as a sister brand to Quiksilver functioning as an exclusively feminine line. It manufactures and markets the same type of product, i.e. sports equipment specific to board sports such as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

It also continues the sponsorship of elite athletes in women's categories, allowing them to achieve their most dreamy goals at the hands of a brand with renown, quality and power. This company uses state-of-the-art materials and high quality, adapting to the shape of the female body with special designs that manage to meet the needs of its audience. And we're not just talking about clothing, but about the functionality designs of their backpacks that balance weight more evenly by taking into account the average back strength of a standard girl. These backpacks are designed specifically for them, so they are made with drawings and designs that follow the feminine fashions in this market.


The brand has a highly studied and updated production process based on the use of exceptional raw materials and innovative designs. In this way they achieve perfect finishes at the level of quality and aesthetics. You can find several Roxy backpack models in the online catalog of Suitcases Greenwich. A very versatile product that you can use both in the day to day for school or work as well as for a trip such as carry-on luggage or cabin luggage.

These especially spacious and sturdy backpacks will be the perfect means to carry everything you need, with unbeatable comfort and without losing a shred of style.


From Suitcases Greenwich we offer you the best models of Roxy backpacks, which you can order comfortably from home through our online store. You will receive the order in a very short time and without shipping costs from 29 euros. You can also return it within 14 days at no additional charge if you don't convince yourself when you receive it. And don't forget that in our online store we have a 100% secure payment service.

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