Travel bags

Travel Backpack

Fast Route -Eco Backpack for Laptop 15.6in American Tourister

€119.00 €95.20

Travel bag / Backpack with wheels 55cm cabin AT Eco American Tourister

€129.00 €103.20

79cm AT Eco Travel Bag American Tourister

€139.00 €111.20

Fast Route Backpack for Laptop 15.6in American Tourister

€99.00 €79.20


Are you scheduled for a trip but don't like carrying a suitcase? Do you prefer to store your luggage in a larger bag? We can Greenwich help you, too. We offer our customers the best deals on travel bags on the market. We have folding bags, easy to handle and of all kinds of sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Bags with wheels and light necessities

In addition, we also have travel bags with wheels, so you don't have to carry it if you need to travel long distances. Premium materials such as Polyester or ABS for maximum strength. The best cheap travel bags, in Greenwich. They are perfect for short and comfortable trips thanks to the wheels that make them very manageable and almost without having to carry weight when you move them.

We also offer you a variety of travel necessities and gym backpacks where you can store your toiletries or clothes that you want to have at hand.

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