Travel accessories



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New York rigid travel need

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Do you have your trip ready? Are you sure you don't forget some last-minute detail? For example, have you padlocked the suitcase? Have you kept your passport well? Have you put your details right in case your luggage is lost? In Greenwich we have a number of accessories to complete your trip so that nothing can go wrong.

We also have available a number of add-ons for business, such as exclusive corporate brand elements, that will surely please customers and give a good image. Come to Greenwich and you will get the best accessories at very good prices and, of course, the best brands.

Customize your suitcase with our products

Already have your suitcase but want to customize it? We offer you numerous accessories to make your suitcase or travel bags personal, easy to identify and recognize. Tags to put your data, TSA padlocks, covers, necessities, etc... A great set of accessories that adapt to different ages and tastes.

The best accessories for your holiday

From easy-to-handle folding backpacks to hard necessities you can do the function of a toilet bag or medicine cabinet. Even invisible belts to keep your money and that if your wallet is stolen it's thieves who take the disgust. Go ahead, don't fall behind and if you don't know where to buy travel accessories, Greenwich is your trusted place.

Our track record inspires safety and our products, too.

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