Shoulder bags

Women's Bags

Tote Bag Bag Weed

€35.75 €19.99
Women's Bags

Shopper Tasca Bag

€37.15 €15.99
Women's Bags

Rixo Shoulder Bag

€32.20 €9.99
Women's Bags

Asa Tecity Bag

€37.15 €22.99
Women's Bags

Shopper bag with heels purse

€28.60 €19.99
Women's Bags

Tegual Shoulder Bag

€43.00 €29.99
Women's Bags

Xti Time Round Bag

€51.93 €29.99
Women's Bags

Asa Telos Mariamare Bag

€57.00 €29.99
Women's Bags

XTI Tastela Bag

€49.95 €24.99
Women's Bags

Shopper Tasca Crossbody Bag

€37.15 €15.99
Women's Bags

Anti-Theft Backpack Pack + Tunisian Shoulder Bag

€69.35 €44.99
Women's Bags

Hobo Heels Bag

€35.75 €15.99
Women's Bags

Tanda Shoulder Bag

€32.20 €9.99

Talented Crossbody Bag-Greenwich

€32.20 €19.99


There are hundreds of shoulder bag designs to choose from, we're sure to help you find the perfect bag. Fall in love with the different styles we offer here, are practical and available in different sizes.

Around the world, luxury handbags are made from a mix of materials such as vegetarian leather, traditional leather, leather, and then finished with a variety of accessories and strap designs.

The shoulder bag was invented in the 1930s as a result of individuals' need to carry heavy loads. However, from the 1930s on," its design features developed enormously, and iconic dressmakers began to manufacture iconic handbags that are still evident today.

How to buy a shoulder bag

Nowadays it is very easy to buy a shoulder bag, especially via the internet, as there are different virtual stores that offer a lot and variety of models. Online stores offer different brands, colors and varieties.

Things to consider before buying a shoulder bag








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