14.1in BestLife Summit Osaka Green Laptop Backpack

€69.90 €55.92

Trolley de Cabina Real Madrid 55 cm

€116.88 €93.50

Children's Trolley 16" BABY SHARK by SAFTA

€85.00 €68.00

Children's Trolley 16" PEPPA PIG "HAVING FUN" by SAFTA

€91.87 €73.50

Trolley Cabin 55cm BATMAN "COMIX" SAFTA

€112.44 €89.95

Cabin Trolley 55cm EL NIÑO "LIFE IS FUN" by SAFTA

€112.44 €89.95

Trolley Cabin 55cm REAL MADRID 3rd EQUIP. SAFTA

€122.31 €97.85
Medium Suitcases

Medium Trolley 63cm REAL MADRID 3rd EQUIP. SAFTA

€141.13 €112.90


One of the companies with the most solera in the manufacture of backpacks for schoolchildren. The company, founded in 1908, has since grown towards a business model based on innovation and product design. Safta offers a wide range of backpacks, bags and carts designed for schoolchildren. The most cool designs, its functional compartments and with great load capacity and the ease of its transport make the backpacks and bags of this brand one of the favorites of the little ones in the house. Thanks to the constant investment in R&D+ and the trolley system applied to your backpacks is designed to minimize noise and make the carry of the backpack and its contents very light.

Very original youth and children's designs in school supplies

The designs presented by the brand include licenses of the most leading football teams in the Spanish league (Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona), some of the most recognized characters in the Disneyuniverse, superheroes such as Spiderman, the popular Star Wars saga or the yellow world of the Minions. Bags and backpacks created for children to continue to live their adventures, claiming the colors of their equipment or playing with the frozen universe of Frozen way of school, the beach or the park. Safta knows that the backpacks and bags of the little ones have to speak their own language. But that's only the first of the challenges overcome. We must also take care of the health of schoolchildren by lightening the heavy burden of transporting their books and materials daily. Finally, the inside of their balls full of compartments pockets and spaces allows children to store everything perfectly organized. In short, Safta offers us a wide range of backpacks, backpacks with carts and bags to the taste of all young schoolchildren.