€210.00 €147.00

Spinner suitcase Samsonite LITE-SHOCK 55cm

€420.00 €294.00

Samsonite PopSoda Small Size

€180.00 €135.00
Small Suitcases

Samsonite suitcase HI-FI 55 cm Spinner Extendable

€215.00 €172.00

Suitcase 69cm Lite-Shock Samsonite

€475.00 €332.50

SAMSONITE Guardit 2.0 14.1" Laptop Backpack

€70.00 €52.50

TIGER/ZEBRA children's suitcase by Dream Rider Samsonite

€75.00 €60.00


To talk about the Samsonite is to make it one of the undisputed leaders in the suitcase sector. Quality, robustness and elegance are the common denominators of the wide range of products of this brand: luggage, backpacks, travel bags, etc. Travel Collection Samsonite become a classic for the most discerning travelers. A design and features so authentic that other brands have only been able to try to imitate them. Because there are leading brands that indisputably trace the trend of their sector. Samsonite is one of them. A wide and coloristic series of suitcases that offers different cargo versions to cover all needs, to cover all tastes. The closure systems with customizable codes and the use of rigid, semi-rigid and soft materials of the highest quality ensure that all your belongings will always be safe in a suitcase Samsonite.

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Backpacks have Samsonite to define a new concept for these products. Backpacks of elegant designs that escape the concept that associates this product with teenagers and young people. Samsonite has managed to get many executives, on their lightning trips, to hang a backpack from their shoulders Samsonite. Backpacks as elegant and beautiful as they are functional. Just enough, depending on your needs, to store your laptop or tablet well protected, a mute in case the trip lengthens more than the bill and even the cereal bars. Authentic backpack-shaped travel bags with so many formats, designs, pockets and compartments that you're sure to find yours. Are you looking for a suitcase in which you can comfortably store your luggage for your next trip of days, weeks or months? Samsonite always offers you a solution suitable for your needs and adapted to your taste and personality. In short, Samsonite is the ideal brand not to disappoint the most demanding.