Combining functionality, design and fashion is not always easy; Totto achieves this by offering much more than backpacks. Such are the Totto: colorful, fun, resistant and with maximum load capacity. Carrying on your shoulder or rolling a backpack Totto is walking around in the colors of your life. Totto has a wide range of designs designed for almost everyone. You can choose what you prefer; backpack on the shoulder or with a trolley to make your travels more comfortable. Best of all, Totto puts at your disposal a lot of prints and modern designs so you can choose the one that best suits you. In Totto know that today's backpacks are also fashion accessories. There is a Totto for each personality; for adventurers, for travelers, for princes, for partymakers, for athletes, for smug, for the most practical, for the most romantic...

Buy backpacks with wheels Totto for children

But, in addition, the backpacks Totto are produced according to the strictest standards of quality and functionality. Opening the zippers of any backpack Totto is discovering spaces full of resources so you can store and sort almost all your stuff with maximum protection. Because the backpacks Totto are designed to be able to carry large, medium and small things. Choose your model according to your needs. Almost all of them have a special compartment designed so that you can carry your laptop or tablet knowing that, whatever happens, when you arrive at your destination, everything will be fine. In Totto know that you can never forget what a backpack is for and take care of every detail with care. Only in this way can they combine practicality with design; fashionable resistance. The backpacks Totto are designed to live them, so that they accompany you every day, every month, every year, for a long time.

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